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Home of The
1st Westminster Best of Breed BRT Winner &
1st Female BRT to win an AKC Group 1

Jeanne Rylatt, AKC Breeder of Merit

Breeding purebred dogs since 1988 &
Black Russian Terriers since 1995

Arvada, Colorado, USA

"We love what we do and we
  are proud of the dogs we produce!"
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Black Russian Terrier litters
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April 2014

Life Events

My husband, Darrell has been having serious health issues for several years... but when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in January...
We felt it was time for some changes in our lives.  We sold our home in Lakewood, Colorado and have moved into a Senior Community where I can get better and care
for Darrell and we are near our daughter.
Our dogs are in Fort Collins with our dear friends, Roz and Scott.  Roz owns a half sister to our precious "Sybil"...They are going to help me continue my breeding program from their beautiful home and 5 gorgeous acres overlooking a lake! 
Darrell and I will be going to Fort Collins to help them and will also be available by phone and internet... Isn't technology great!!?
Scott will be doing the hard work!  Of managing the day to day activities of the dogs and  he and Roz will be giving the dogs lots of the love and attention that is so essential. (Cha Cha was spayed a couple of  weeks ago and Scott felt sorry for her so he started feeding her out of his hand... Oh yeah... you guessed it... now she only wants to be fed by hand... does she have his number or what!!) I will be mentoring them in the critical breeding research that we have done for so many years...  to assure the  great temperaments and structure that we strive for in our breeding program will continue.  They will also continue the Super Dog Program with the puppies when we have litters!! And rock the puppies while they are on their backs...just like we do.
We are also happy to announce that Roz and I are co-owning a beautiful girl out of Danika and Gretzky's last litter!!!
Pictures coming soon!
So Stay Tuned!


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We are AKC Breeders of Merit in two breeds
  The  Portuguese Water Dog
The Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are not inexpensive dogs.  You want a breeder that is totally devoted to the dogs he/she breeds.  A breeder who is knowledgeable about the breed, health and temperament of the Black Russian Terrier...  And continually does research.

Breeding the Black Russian Terrier is a labor of love for us.  We take pride in our study of pedigrees and health of our dogs.  Our entire breeding program has been based on these principles.  We study each breeding for several months (some times even a year or more) before we make the decision about a breeding.  The parents of our puppies are carefully
selected and health tested.  "Mom" gets a high qualtiy food and the best medical care possible.  We typically  have one litter a year so our puppies get our undivided attention! We regularly attend seminars and workshops on k9 health and breeding practices.  Breeding isn't an exact science but we do the very best we can with out losing the type of Black Russian Terrier we want to breed.  

We, also, work tirelessly  to match the right dog with the right family or owner. 

To find out more about our philosophy please visit our
About Us Page

(We are no longer involved with the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonkas... After two years we felt that we just couldn't devote the time required  to study this breed and do it the justice.)

Choosing a Purebred Dog

The Black Russian Terrier
from Animal Planet's Dogs 101
Jeanne & Cha Cha  (Ch Nasha Charovnitsa iz Russkoi Dinasti)
Jeanne & Cha Cha (Ch Nasha Charovnitsa iz Russkoi Dinasti)
Jeanne Rylatt of DeSagres Kennels, has owned  and bred many Champions, Group Placing, Group Winning & Best In Show dogs.
  • The Rylatt's Dogs have been Specialty winners.
  • Been invited to and attended numerous Westminister Kennel Club Shows. 
  • Been ranked  #1 in their breed and have been ranked in the top 10 consistently for many years attesting to their conformation and beauty.
  • Many of the dogs bred by DeSagres have obedience, agility, therapy dog, service dog and personal protection titles attesting to their work ethic and temperament.

Jeanne is the Co-Owner of Mantayo Kennels and Dog School in Lakewood, CO... A Coach to Clients who are in Animal Related Businesses.....Is very active in BRTCA, UBRTC,  MMHKC and CFDC  and in the dog community "giving back".



"I am a person of simple tastes,
easily satisfied with the best."

Winston Churchill

Nikka & Troy
Nikka & Troy

Home of the FIRST Westminster
 BRT Best of Breed Winner!!

Click above link to watch the Westminster
Video of Nikka!!

International Champion

#1 All Breed Black Russian Terrier 2005

1st  BRT Female to win an AKC Group 1
& Multi Group Placing

"Ch Hohotushka s Zolotogo Grada"
(Nikka has gone to wait for us at the "Rainbow Bridge")


Ch Angelo s Zolotogo Grada
Ch Angelo s Zolotogo Grada

Young EU Winner &  Best In Show
of Juniors at
2005 European Championships!!!

Multi Group Winning &
Multi Group Placing

"Ch Angelo s Zolotogo Grada, TT"
We are proud longtime members
  Pikes Peak Working Dog Club,
Metro Mile High Kennel Club,
Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs and
United Black Russian Terrier Club

Black Russian Terrier Ethical Breeders Association

We work closely with Chris Maduri,
BRT Rescue in the Rocky Mountain Area
We are active in Animal Legislation in Colorado

We follow the
AKC  Sportsmanship  Code

of Ethics

Sybil and Andre Litter - Day One
Sybil and Andre Litter - Day One

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Please Support Cancer Research

A portion of the sale of each puppy is donated to 
Breast Cancer Research & The American Cancer Society.

In Memory of my parents, my sister and my niece &  nephew
and thanksgiving for my self, my friends Judy and Alverna

and other cancer survirors.



We will never forget September 11, 2012

The World Trade Center Towers,   The Pentegon
And Allentown Pennsylvania
Bengazi   - 9/11/2012
God Bless America!

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